Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cover Reveal: The Demon's Surrender

I have a lot of favorite books.  A lot.  But Sarah Rees Brennan's phenomenal The Demon's Lexicon and its equally awesome sequel The Demon's Covenant are two of my all-time favorite reads.  And Sarah Rees Brennan has just released the cover for the third book in the trilogy-- The Demon's Surrender-- on her Livejournal.

Yay Alan! :)  To be honest, I've always preferred the UK covers for this series to the US ones, though the US covers are far from shabby.  I love the backdrop of the city on this one, though Alan is not quite like I imagined him.  (I was thinking more bookish.  A lot more bookish.  But, that's probably just me being my bookish self.)  The bow is a cool touch, though.  Anyway, what do you all think?

Here are the US and UK covers (respectively) for the first two books in the trilogy.

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