Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books on My Fall TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome weekly meme hosted by the bloggers over at The Broke and the Bookish.  This week's theme is the books at the top of our TBR piles which we're itching to dive into this fall.  Or, in my case, the select few books I've managed to become really, really excited about despite the utter chaos which going away to college has turned my once slow-paced life into.  But YES, my very appreciated yet very neglected followers, I do intend to frequent the blogosphere more, er, frequently throughout this semester, and I figured why not start with a Top Ten Tuesday-- my favorite meme of olde?!  So, with no further ado or rambling (you know it's difficult for me), here are some non-required-for-class books I can't wait to absorb myself in this fall.

The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling
Oh.  My.  Rowling. The title may be slightly mundane, the cover less than intriguing, and the synopsis much less captivating than those of the Harry Potter books... but I truly do have absolute faith in JK Rowling.   I can't wait to read her writing style again-- it's enchanting, but somehow cozy and familiar--, to just hold the book in my hands and read her name on the cover before plunging into what's sure to be a fantastic yarn.  This one is on a whole 'nother list of its own for me-- and the wait is less than a month now.

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice
Though it's an Anne Rice book, The Wolf Gift seems to have considerably less hype surrounding it than did/does many paranormal books these days.  And it's a shame, but I've been apprehensive to pick it up because of some meh and negative reviews which made me kinda sad.  Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles were some of my favorites growing up, but her other books didn't quite do it for me.  Maybe this one will be a pleasant surprise?

 The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King
I read The Gunslinger at the beginning of this summer, but never got around to reviewing it or reading the next book (I have the Dark Tower boxed set).

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore
Another sequel I've wanted to read for a really long time, but haven't got around to buying yet.  I loved Graceling and Fire even more so, so I have high expectations for this one.

 Aurorarama by Jean-Christophe Valtat
I bought this book yesterday as a treat and can't wait to start it.  It's set in a steampunk-esque Arctic city populated by Eskimos and a secret police force.  I love the cover, because it reminds me of The Golden Compass/Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.

The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman
This book sounds fascinating and I've read a couple of good reviews-- it's nice to have a little historical type fiction among all of those sci-fi and fantasy books!

Eve & Adam by Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate
I really love Michael Grant's Gone series and used to like the Animorphs series by his wife Katherine, too.  This sci-fi-esque YA novel will be released in October-- and I'm definitely pre-ordering.

The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
This is the recently-released sequel to the Spanish Gothic mystery novels Shadow of the Wind and the Angel's Game.  I love and recommend Shadow of the Wind in particular-- Angel's Game was less of a favorite-- but The Prisoner of Heaven promises to be a highly anticipated and addictive read even if it can't quite live up to the delicate horror and literary beauty of the first book in the series.

Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Really have to get ahold of this one soon-- I loved Divergent!

The Drowned Cities by Paolo Bacigalupi
Ship Breaker was one of my favorite YA books I've reviewed on this blog.  I'm so excited to read more about the devastated coastal world Paolo Bacigalupi created in the first book, and to catch up with the amazing characters.

OK, that rounds up my Top Ten for this week!  I love comments/recommendations, and I'd love to visit your Top Ten posts in return-- it's been far too long since I've been blog-browsing-- so feel free to leave your links.


Anne said...

I really liked The Dovekeepers a lot. It is long but defintely worth the time.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Anne Rice had a wolf book out! I sort of lost touch with her and her writing around the time Pandora came out, though...and wow, that has to have been like 12 years ago!

Renee said...

Great list! Of course I'm excited about "The Casual Vacancy" too (though I agree- the title's nothing exciting and the cover's not great). I've got faith in Rowling though and am really hoping, for her sake, that it's great! And I'm also excited to read "The Dovekeepers" and "Prisoner of Heaven." Though I've gotta get to "Angel's Game" beforehand!

Kat said...

@callusedfingers-- Yeah, I haven't been so up-to-date with Anne Rice lately, either. Pandora is one of my favorite of her books, though-- her vampire chronicles are absolutely the ones I prefer, but hopefully The Wolf Gift will follow in their tradition. :)

@Renee-- Angel's Game is sorta a "companion sequel" to Shadow of the Wind. I didn't love it so much-- the whole story was kind of depressing without a character like Fermin from Shadow of the Wind to keep things upbeat. But Prisoner of Heaven has Fermin and Daniel as characters again, so I have high hopes.

Thanks so much for visiting-- it's going to be a while before I can regain a following, and I really appreciate your comments!

MJ said...

You've got some really interesting books on your list. I recently read "The Dovekeepers" and while it wasn't a favorite, there were some things about it I really liked. Enjoy!

Mommygirl said...

You will love Insurgent. It seems more of a continuation than a sequel. I love and always look forward to your recommendations.
How's school?

Kat said...

@Mommygirl-- I'm so looking forward to Insurgent-- glad to hear that it continues Divergent's tradition of awesomeness.) And thank you so much! I love to hear that my recommendations help people keep their TBRs high. :)
School is pretty good and, interestingly, less demanding so far than high school was, so hopefully I'll have more time to blog the way I like to.

Maria Behar said...

Hey, Kat!!

It's just GREAT to have you back!! Hope college life is treating you well -- I'm feeling SO nostalgic for that right now...lol.

You've got a FABULOUS list here!! I must confess, though, that I'm not interested in Stephen King AT ALL. As for Anne Rice, I've never read her, but she has dissed The Twilight Saga, which I ADORE, so I'm looking at her with a rather jaundiced eye. Still, I might try reading her books. Of course, I wold start with her vampire series.

As for the other books you're showcasing here, they look absolutely GREAT!!

Of course I want to read ANYTHING written by Rowling!!!! (Even if it doesn't have that same magical feel the Harry Potter books have...)

Would you believe I own "The Shadow of the Wind" and "The Angel's Game", but have yet to read them? And I've heard SO many great things about Zafon, too...

I'm adding the rest of these books to my own TBR!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Last but not least -- WELCOME BACK!!!! : )

Kat said...

@Maria-- Thank you, I'm so glad to be back! Anne Rice dissed the Twilight books? I wasn't aware of that, but she has actually dissed a lot of things, including the Broadway version of one of her own novels-- she is a moody and somewhat strange person, but a magnificent author. Definitely read the Interview with the Vampire first if you do want to read her books-- it began many of the vampire trends we still see today, and Louis and Lestat are both fantastic characters. :)

Maria Behar said...

Hi, again!!

Oh, you're very welcome!! Your blog is actually my very favorite, so I REALLY missed you!

Yeah, she did make some disparaging statements about The Twilight Saga on her FB page, some time back. NOT nice, Rice!! And yes, I've noticed she is a pretty moody person. She was an atheist for years, then returned to the Catholic Church, then left again...anyway, I did skim "Interview with the Vampire" once, and saw that she writes very, very well, indeed. (Ah, the vagaries of genius...) So, hopefully, I will get to that book sometme before Edward and Bella's Halloween party this year...I'm sure they would LOVE to discuss it with me! And of course Carlisle would be delighted to learn about the habits of Rice's vamps, from a medical standpoint, you know.

(BTW, I don't think ANY vampire books will EVER enchant me like the Twilight books have, although L.J. Smith's "Night World" series comes in at a VERY close second!!)

Oh and by the way, I'd LOVE for you to do a guest post on my blog! Would you be interested? Let me know!! : )

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