Monday, October 15, 2012

Scariest Movies Part II

Continuing from Part I yesterday... Ava and I have rounded up a dozen or so of our favorite horror movies from a multitude of sub-genres.  We each picked a movie for each category without consulting one another-- so you get double the scary recommendations!

#8: Best Monster Movie
Kat:                                                        Ava:
 Kat: The Cave (2005): Really scary creature-feature, more thriller-esque than horror.  Honorable mentions: The Village, Jeepers Creepers.  A monster movie I still really want to see this October is The Wolfman with Anthony Hopkins-- it looks really good!

Ava: Red Riding Hood (2011): Amanda Seyfried (Kat-- she of the humongous blue eyes) stars as Red Riding Hood in this cool dark romance movie.  Also has Gary Oldman as a werewolf hunter.

#9: Best Serial Killer Movie
Kat:                                                         Ava:

Ava: Se7en (1995): Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt... this is a seriously disturbing film, but really well done, we both agree.  Honorable mention: The Silence of the Lambs!

Kat: The Silence of the Lambs (1991): Hannibal Lector is my favorite serial killer.  Weird thing to have a favorite of, but it's true.

#10: Best Scary Movie We've Seen Recently
Kat:                                                             Ava:

Kat: Fright Night (2011): Really liked this Lost Boys-esque remake.  It's lots of fun and Colin Farrell in it-- therefore, it could hardly go wrong with me.

Ava: 30 Days of Night (2007): Residents of Barrow, Alaska are trapped in a month-long darkness.  Vampires come to prey.  These vampires are not the Twilight variety.  Like, at all.

#11: Best Scary Movie Series/ Franchise
Kat:                                                 Ava:

Ava: Final Destination (5 movies, starting in 2000): Characters who have "cheated death" are forced to reckon with it again. 

Kat: A Nightmare on Elm Street (9 movies-- the first one came out in 1984): Freddy Krueger has made me afraid to go to sleep on multiple occasions over the years.  I like the original best-- it has a young Johnny Depp as Nancy's boyfriend.

#12: Most Absolutely Terrifying Movie We've Ever Seen in Our Entire Freakin' Lives
Kat:                                                        Ava:

Kat: The Haunting in Connecticut (2009): I think I may have sobbed (just a little bit) while watching this movie.  It's incredibly frightening, has a ton of the dreaded "jump" moments, and is generally incredibly disturbing.  I will probably never watch it again.  Honorable mentions: Insidious, Mirrors.

Ava: Mirrors (2008): Kiefer Sutherland is a nightguard assigned to the ruin of an old mall where, years ago, a tragic fire left terrible scars.  Kat-- The mall is maybe the most horrifyingly creepy setting ever used in a horror movie!


Chey said...

The Haunting in Connecticut is high on my list of favorite horrors. Great choices! :)

Kat said...

@Chey-- Yeah, the Haunting in Connecticut is truly terrifying! I confess I *might* want to watch it again sometime, if I'm really in the mood to have the pants scared off me. Thanks for commenting! :)

Aylee said...

I've been making a point of trying to watch a scary movie every weekend for the month of October. I'm actually not particularly well versed in horror movies, so this kind of list is good for me. I only just saw The SIlence of the Lambs this weekend! And it scared the pants off me!!

Kat said...

@Aylee- Eeek, The Silence of the Lambs is one of the scariest and most disturbing movies ever! Ava and I only saw it recently ourselves. Hope you get to watch a lot more good scary movies this October. :)

Liz said...

Ah, I love this! And I love watching scary movies with you guys. :)

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