Friday, January 14, 2011

AFK: The Cancun Edition!

Yep, I'm AFK again... but this time it isn't because of exams or even a roadtrip.  My family and I are headed to Cancun, Mexico for the weekend, gente

Yes, I can finally use a little of all this high school Spanish, and escape from the snow and hazardous, icy roads which have canceled school for an entire week now.  (Nobody knows quite what to do about snow in the South-- we just cancel everything for about a month and tie sleds to the back of our ATVs.)  I'll be back on Tuesday, and I've managed to schedule a slew of posts over the weekend.  But I won't be participating in Follow Friday or the Book Blogger Hop. 

I hope all of you enjoy your winter wonderlands, or your tropical paradises, as the case may be for those lucky enough to live farther South.  I'll be soaking up a little of the latter by noon today.
Until Monday... hasta luego, mis amigos.  ;)


Laura (All of Everything) said...

Lucky! There's not too much snow up here in Canada (go figure). Have fun!

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Have fun in Cancun :)

Liz said...

hola chica, have fun in me-hi-co! ava is totaly excited, that i can tell!

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