Thursday, December 2, 2010

AFK For a Few Days

Well, I'm going to be away from the computer for a few days.  My family is going to our mountain cabin to freeze to death, watch a Christmas parade (that's why this post is in red and green! :) ), and drink lots of hot chocolate.  There is no WiFi up there on the top of the mountain *gasp*, so I'm going to be stranded for a few days.  I really wanted to schedule a few posts for while I'm gone, but what with packing and a last minute biology project, I didn't have time.  The positive side of this Internet isolation is that I'm going to have plenty of time to read and scheme up new ideas for design.

Anyway, I just wanted people to know that I haven't abandoned my blog to the abyss or died. :)  I'll miss reading everyone's latest posts, but I'll be back starting Sunday afternoon.

Coming up in a few days: 

-- The drawing for my Tyger Tyger giveaway 

-- Review of My Sparkling Misfortune by Laura Lond and Picture the Dead by Adele Griffin  

-- My first-ever Daily Dose post on Monday  

This is a picture of my cabin taken from my private helicopter.  No, really.


Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Have fun! I'm your newest follower...I look forward to reading more from your blog soon :)

Alison Can Read said...

Times without Internet are so sad. I hope you have a great weekend!

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Have a great weekend :)

Unknown said...

Oh no! Mandatory technology seclusion! How horrible! ;) Naah, but seriously, I find it's good for your health to shut down every now and then. We've chained to our gadgets that it's nice to get away sometimes. Enjoy your mini-vacay and happy reading!

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